Biblioversum work in progress and looking for international playtesters!

The writing of Biblioversum continues! Biblioversum is a role playing game for book lovers where book becaume an instrument of play. You will need to read them, learn them, and know them at a deep level to be able to use your powers at their full potential!
A first alpha version is ready, so we are looking for international playtesters. If you are interested, contact us to receive the playable file!

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The new bagstract Kuniumi is on sale

Nothing can stop our need of new good games, not even the lack of game fairs and playing nights.So we decided to release all our spring productions when get ready. We start with our new game in the Bagstracts format: KUNIUMI by Ignazio Panades. Kuniumi is the shinto myth of the creation of Japan by the Gods Izanami and Izanagi. In Kuniumi players will need to try to create an enclosed zone of land or sea before the opponent. A deeply strategical game, inspired by the great game of Go, that turns into a high quality thinky filler.
Real rock, wood and glass are the components that give the game an elegant and natural look.

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Coming soon: niju and dicescrapers

Dicescrapers, a sparkly dice management game by 4brains4games andnew member of the Bagstracts family, and NiJu, a new elegant abstract game by Nestor Romeral Andres, will soon be available! Before the end of may they will be ready… keep updated to learn the release date!

niju xv games

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