Smart Filler – international board game design contest

The Smart Filler contest is born as challenge for game designers to create products in the main focus of XVgames’ line.

We strongly believe that Smart Fillers are a great addition
to modern board game industry, thanks to their characteristics:

– they are easy to learn, so most of the brain strength focuses on developing
strategies more than trying to remember the rules.

– They are fast to play, so they can be brought on the table more often.

– Having few components, they are cheap to buy, that is a great plus in an
overcrowded market.

– They are quick, but having perfect ( or almost perfect) information rulesets they
can reach deep strategical layers.

For these reasons, we want to give the opportunity to international designers to explore
this category of games and enjoy its peculiarity.

first edition – 2020 – download the informations to join the contest here smart filler contest