Update 15/11/2020

Unfortunately the COVID situation didn’t allow us to make it at Essen SPIEL nor at the XVday party we were organizing, but we did a live streaming to show the results of the contest!

You can find the recording of the stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/803812278



3rd place: TALETE by Claudio Oliviero

2nd place: BITE THE PUMPKIN by Giuliano Polverari. This game will be published in 2021 by Nestorgames!

1st place: NINE QUEENS OF SENUSRET by Karl Lange. This game will be published in Bagstract format in Q4 2021 by XVgames! 


thanks to all the partecipants, to the selection team and the jury. See you in 2 years!









Update 03/06/2020

The ten finalists have been selected!

Bite the pumpkin – Giuliano Polverari
Divide and conquer – Federico Latini
Flowerfence – Alessandro Bianchi
Hex Isle – Predrag Stevanovic
Neighbour garden – Karen Angelucci
Nine queens of Senusret – Karl Lange
Qubit – Daniel and Julian Danzer
Talete – Claudio Oliviero
Totem – Alessandro Bianchi
Troll hunter – Helios Pu


now their games will be send to the international juree, that will evaluate them during summer. The winner will be announced at our XVday convention on sunday 15th november 2020.


Update 01/06/2020

Time to submit games to the Smart Filler international design contest is now over! It was an incredible success we didn’t expect, with more than 120 games submitted! Thanks to this great amount of games, some changes have been made:
– Considered the high quality level of many games, we raise the finalists number to 10 instead of 5. Winner will get a bundle and game published, all other finalists will receive a bundle of games shipped.
– a new judge has joined the international jury
Now the first selection jury will proceed forming the 10 finalists list, that will be published soon.
Thanks everybody for partecpating, we’ll update you soon!



Smart Filler – international board game design contest

The Smart Filler contest is born as challenge for game designers to create products in the main focus of XVgames’ line.

We strongly believe that Smart Fillers are a great addition
to modern board game industry, thanks to their characteristics:

– they are easy to learn, so most of the brain strength focuses on developing
strategies more than trying to remember the rules.

– They are fast to play, so they can be brought on the table more often.

– Having few components, they are cheap to buy, that is a great plus in an
overcrowded market.

– They are quick, but having perfect ( or almost perfect) information rulesets they
can reach deep strategical layers.

For these reasons, we want to give the opportunity to international designers to explore
this category of games and enjoy its peculiarity.

first edition – 2020 – download the informations to join the contest here invitation