We don’t only publish nice games, we also work to expand the board game world and help others to realize their board game dream!


  • TRANSLATION AND REVISION  – Professional translation and revision from and to Italian, English and Japanese languages.
  • GAME DESIGN – I create the ruleset of your game, based on your idea and necessity.
  • GAME DEVELOPEMENT – I develop your idea into a final game, or support you into making it exactly as you imagine, working on both rules and graphics.
  • PRODUCTION – I support the production of your game: Optimization of the components and finding the right manufacturer.
  • SCOUTING – If you are a publisher or shop, I find the right games for your catalogue.
  • AGENT – I help you find the right publisher for your game prototype.
  • EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS – Game projects for schools and libraries; training courses into using board games as teaching tool for teachers.


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