One minute of hectic horror!Monster’s Den

One card, one minute of hectic action! There’s no winners or losers, only survivors in the Monster’s Den!


The Monster’s Den is a real time party game for 4 or more players, from age of 3, that lasts one minute. It is designed by Marco Caloi.




The Monster’s Den is a real time party game, where teams of Fugitives trapped in a dark cave try to find the way to the exit, while also trying not to get caught by the Monster.

Divide players in teams of two. Each team is composed of a player that keeps its eyes open, called The Scout in case of a Fugitive team or the Eyes, in case of the Monster’s teams, and another player with its eyes closed called The Monster or The Fugitive. If you are an odd number of players, a team will have one Scout and two Fugitives. It is suggested to have a Monster team for each 4 teams of Fugitives.

Make the Monsters and Fugitives close their eyes, then put the card with the exit of the monster’s den on the table in a position far from each Fugitive team.

The Monster player starts in front of the Exit card and moves its hand on the table “spider-like” as in the illustration on the card. The Eyes player guides with its voice. If the Monster touches the Exit card, it is burned by light and loses immediatly. All remaining fugitives are safe!

The Fugitive players start far from the exit and move with their finger “human-like” as in the illustration, trying to reach the exit. If they are caught by the Monster, they are eliminated. If they reach the Exit card, they are safe.

In this game there are no winners or losers, just survivors! How many Fugitive will make it to the Exit?

You can decide to add obstacles on the table to simulate the dangers of the cave.